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Updated: Jan 7, 2021

I had heard of Bandon Dunes when I was younger, but never really thought much of it as anything other than a really expensive golf resort. As my appreciation for the game of golf as well as golf course design grew I knew I needed to visit this place. When arriving on the property the feeling was the type you get as a kid going to Disneyland (I hope all of you have felt something like this before). Overwhelmed with excitement is how I'd put it. My father and I played Pacific Dunes as well as Bandon Trails. When playing these courses with my father it was unlike any golf experience. We played Pacific in very dense fog with 100 foot visibility which made this course an adventure in itself. It was hard for me to care about my score when I am playing golf like this, especially with my father. We laughed, cursed, hit terrible shots, and almost made blind hole in ones. This experience was so special because of the conditions we played in and the company I had with me. No caddies, just my father and I walking down a foggy fairway with the sounds of the waves crashing against the coastline below us. This resort is definitely a golfer's bucket list destination. Go to Bandon and have as much fun as you can. Play golf with friends and family, or meet new ones, don't worry about your scorecard but definitely get a yardage book as a keepsake.


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