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Not The Fair Weather Golfer

Growing up and living in Washington my entire life I have acquired a passion for this beautiful climate. On a drizzly October afternoon it will downpour, hail, and maybe even snow before the sun comes out for the rest of the evening. Golfing in the Fall/Winter is underrated. Golf courses show their natural beauty when all of the trees are bare and puddles are forming on the apron of the green. There is just something about playing a round of golf in the rain. It could be the lack of other golfers or the added aspect of not knowing whether your driver is going to slip out of your hands on the 18th tee box. Whatever it is, it keeps me coming back for more every time. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t get enough summer sun, out on the course with my wife or the boys, but there’s just something about walking up the fairway with a slight mist in your face; looking for your drive that’s plugged in the middle of the fairway. Golf in the Fall/Winter in the Pacific Northwest is the most peaceful golf that you can play. So thank you to the fair weather golfers.


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