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The Meaning of Golf

From my travels roaming the Pacific Northwest up north to Bellingham and down south to the Bay Area in Southern California; I have learned that the language of golf is fluent yet ever-changing and the love for the game comes with the community and relationships created along the way. I created Golf Roamer to show my passion for the game of golf as well as my experiences I encompass on the way. While I am a newbie when it comes to golf photography and personal blogging I have already created relationships within this amazing community of people alike who enjoy the game of golf for more than it actually is. Golf has many interpretations and it is up to the individual to define what it means to them. For many people around the world it is a game that is played when you're retired and have money to play daily. Others view it as a way to get out of the house away from the everyday stresses and enjoy a round with some buddies, which definitely applies to me, but for me personally golf is a lifestyle. Golf firstly is getting outside and enjoying every moment spent walking or riding throughout a manicured landscape. I grew up with a very humble father who taught me how important respect is in all aspects of life, but this didn't stop at the golf course. As I grew older this respect for the golf course helped me understand the true meaning of respect in my daily life. The game of golf is what you make of it, and my definition will never be accurately defined.


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